• The Need for Compliance with State and Local Rules
  • The Varying Requirements Given Legal Jurisdiction
  • The Varying Requirements Given Different Case Types and Legal Specialties
  • A Changing and, Sometimes, Arbitrary Legal Environment
  • Labor Intensive Work While, As Always, “Good Help is Hard to Find”
  • Demands Of The Office vs. Demands of The Road
  • Price and Competitive Constraints Can Squeeze Margins

However, a calculated, yet simple adjustment can better allocate resources and make your hard work pay off; in all the ways that count!

Enjoy access to a full suite of technological and back-office human support tools that will help your business run more efficiently, and pleasantly.

Physical assistance for many litigation support operations connects to a host of flexible technologies that can be customized to meet the needs of both clients and internal operations.

This can make handling higher volumes of work both feasible and profitable, while leaving you more room to operate: personally and/or professionally.

There is no need to be limited by the many burdens this field presents: or a lack of the resources it demands you have.

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Support That Builds, or Extends

Whatever your niche, wherever you need to deploy resourceful humans, we can assist.

Combining foreign operations and domestic experience we can make the logistical and financial requirements of your business more efficient, cost effective and less burdensome to manage.

Our team is intimately familiar with the nature of OUR work: because Process Legal Support has been providing process serving and litigation support services for nearly three decades.

  • Data/E- Entry
  • Electronic Filings
  • Investigatory Research of Any Kind: Skip Trace/debt collection, military status etc.
  • IT Development (larger scale)
  • Tech Based Solutions (smaller scale)

Tell us what you need and we will find the solution and methodology that gets you where you need to be.

Operations Managment:

In One Easy To Use Platform

Foundational to our suite of services is access to our highly integrated and intuitive platform that organizes and manages the crucial requirements of the legal delivery process.

However well-conceived and immediately useful this technology may be — right out of the box – it’s important to know we understand one size doesn’t necessarily fit all.

So, no matter what overarching legal, jurisdictional or internal standards may apply, we emphasize customization options that ensure you experience what you want to experience.

Whether it’s user interface, report structure, language, various data points, APIs or billing, we can create what you need making our system your system.

Although minimal set up fees may apply, central customization needs can be met with little to no additional costs so both certainty and confidence is delivered.

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Mobile GPS:

Process Serving Software Made Manageable

The Mobile GPS component of the Process Legal Support platform offers an intuitive, flexible approach to the service of process.

This applications design centers on easing the burdens of the process server and can give any process serving business more control; making a compliant operation (if mandated by state or local rules) a smoother operation.

By combining the ease and functionality of a smartphone and a simple user interface, within a secure database and web application, service can be documented and proven – in real time as the GPS/mobile location, time and date is recorded.

All reports can be called, forwarded and/or printed with simple, natural clicks.

Field validations ensure the chance of human error is near-totally eliminated and all data is stored without additional fees.

Customization options are always an option.

Reports: Affidavits

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Of course the affidavit is the distillation of all activities the process serving operation engages.

The affidavit must be standardized yet, optimally, have flexibility built into its root formatting. This, to satisfy all the nuances of jurisdictions, legal specialties and the often-changing (and potentially arbitrary) environment the litigation support operation may encounter.

In this work one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. Forcing that to be the case could add difficulty to the already unforgiving circumstances the busy process serving operation must negotiate! Therefore, where appropriate — and desired – the litigation support professional should not have to accept “out of the box” constructs that don’t fit their exacting needs.

The affidavit must be ever accurate and given to as little error as possible. Therefore, you can provide (and/or change as necessary) the language of your affidavits to meet any requirement. All data points are ruthlessly validated to ensure nothing problematic gets in, or out, prior to filing.

However/wherever your affidavits travel, be it through manual/printed or electronic channels, we can devise a solution that fits your functional requirements.

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Reports: Compliance

If the jurisdiction in which you operate requires compliance with rules that must, from time to time, be proven - we have the tools to meet those needs whenever, and from wherever they may come.

The taming of systems meant to keep up with burdensome regulatory requirements is necessary wherever these challenges are faced; and we will help you face them.

In a business that presents many daily challenges, getting a focus on things beyond the commonplace isn’t easy. The demands of the moment — in a field based on demanding moments — must take precedence.

This can make executing foundational tenets of great business practices a luxury!

Nevertheless, things like new business development (we can help with that), finance, recruitment, service to clients etc. should be integral to any businessperson’s regular activities; and never beyond their reach.

However, getting there can be easier said than done and this is where the strategic unburdening Process Legal Support offers can make a difference.

Whether one’s operations are just beginning or in mature stages, all the benefits of genuine partnership — often elusive — are now possible to achieve: without the fuss or risk.

Whatever you need, or want that could make for better business or a better life, we stand ready to assist. With almost 30 years in the field of litigation support/process serving, we understand the mechanics, issues and goals.

Wherever your particular business-model may emphasize work, or practices’ of a distinct nature, we will devote the learning and resources necessary to become an extension of your operation quickly and seamlessly.

No longer must one go it alone, or settle for stressful, less profitable alternatives.

Together, we can find the path to a flexible, prosperous future.

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In Addition To The Basics, These Would Also Be Helpful Things To Know:

  • Legal Specialties
  • Geographical Concentrations
  • Number of Process Servers
  • Average Monthly Caseload
  • What Would You Most Need Help With Or Want To Accomplish